Nursing school

General Aim :

The nurse on completion of this course will be able to demonstrate ability to plan & carry out job responsibilities assigned to them under the multipurpose workers scheme.


Objectives :
The student nurse on completion of this course will be able to demonstrate ability to
  • explain the principles of healthful living related to all age groups in the community.
  • Perform basic health care activities in community & institutional settings.
  • Plan & carry out nutrition & health education activities in the home, clinic & community.
  • Provide basic maternal & child health care including immunization services, family health care, & family planning services.
  • I. Perform basic mid-wifery procedure & basic nursing techniques with special emphasis on domiciliary mid-wifery & home nursing procedures ( Health worker-female) ii. To participate in prevention & control of communicable diseases, assist in execution of national health programmers ; promote village & environmental sanitation, to perform basic nursing techniques (Health worker-Male).
  • To provide first aid & emergency nursing care , elementary medical care including treatment minor aliments.
  • Participate as a responsible member of health team.
  • Identif community resources which could be utilizes for health promotion, health maintenance & prevention of diseases.
  • Assist in training of community / village level health worker.
  • Promote community development activities
Apply knowledge from the humanities, biological & behavioral sciences in functioning as a auxiliary nurse & mid-wife.
Function effectively with members of the health team & community applying the knowledge of human relations & communication skills in her work.
Aims :
The basic diploma course in auxiliary Nursing Midwifery is geared to the health need of the individual, family, community & the country at large.
  • To prepare nurses with a sound educational programmer in nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings in rural area.
  • To help nurses develop an ability to co-operate & co-ordinate with members of the health team in the prevention of disease, promotion of health & rehabilitation of the sick.
  • To help nurses in their personal & professional development, so that they are able to make maximum contribution to the society as useful & productive individuals, citizens as well as efficient nurses.
  • To serve as a base for further professional education & specialization in nursing.
  • To prepare nurses to keep pace with latest professional & primary health care developments & use these for providing nursing care services at rural & urban area.
Philosophy  :
Modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic & educative process in meeting the health needs of the individuals, the family& the community. Nursing is one of the health care agencies in assisting, families & communities to achieve & maintain desirable standards & of health. The trust & “School of Nursing” believes in the concept of health as laid down by the world Health Organization (WHO) i.e., “Health is state of complete physical mental & social well being & not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity”.
Since nurses provided & will undoubtedly continue to provide a large part of health care, their training should equip them with professional expertise to meet the changing demands of society & their expanding role therein. To achieve this emphasis must be laid to impart the knowledge & skill most relevant to the health care needs of the community & the country as a whole. This must also be accompanied by a corresponding change in professional attitudes.
The international council if Nurses states that the unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities, contributing to health or its recovery or to peaceful death that he would perform un-aided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge, & to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible.
The trust & “School of Nursing” recognized that basic nursing education is formally recognized programmed of study providing of board & sound foundation in the behavioral , life & nursing sciences for the General practice of the nursing for advanced nursing practice. Trust believes that this basic course in nursing should prepare nurses for occupying first level position in nursing in all kinds of health care settings. The trust recognizes that nursing is profession which is influences by advances in science & technology. It believes that skills in all aspects of communication are also essential for learning & for practice of nursing.
The trust also recognizes that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of learning of student is acquired in the clinical fields of practice. It further recognizes the interdependence of nursing & allied professions & occupations in promoting, maintaining & restoring health & prevention of diseases. The trust believes that it has responsibility in helping he student to develop pride in their profession besides keeping them abreast with current knowledge & professional trends for a successful crrer ahead.
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